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5 gym items to keep you from failing



I know many women have started their 2016 fitness goals. You see the end goal in mind, you are determined, but have you started preparation to stay on track? These 5 items are a MUST for the gym! 

1. Extra Sneaks

Have you ever driven by the gym on your way home from work and thought “If only I had my Nikes with me”. I’ve been there before too, try packing these 5 items in your trunk to be prepared at all times.


Nike Free 5.0

2. Gym Bag

I know this sounds very obvious, but having your gym bag prepared with essential items for your workout is crucial.  I love the idea of a black gym bag, it always looks chic and goes with any outfit. gym

 Adidas Bag

3. Gloves

 Calluses are not cute especially if you have a fresh manicure! Don’t be that girl invest in a pair. How adorable are these mesh gloves?


Lulu Gloves

4. Water Bottle

Staying hydrated is super important and great for your skin. If you are in search for a great water bottle that won’t break, BKR is the one! I love that it keeps my water cool, and the heart emblem is super cute. 
london heart

London Heart


This is a no-brainer! Getting wrapped in your earphones are not fun! Don’t do it anymore, Bluetooth is the way to go. 


Beats by Dre



What items do you put in your gym bag for success? Leave a comment let’s chat!


  1. Alexandra Potora says:

    Great post, I love those bkr bottles!!

  2. Kim says:

    Awesome very informative !

  3. Jessica says:

    Super unique idea! I have that same water bottle in my gym bag

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