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Maca is the new superfood for women

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Ok, it’s official- I’m OBSESSED with maca! If you have never heard of maca or aren’t getting your daily dose, you are missing out on some serious health benefits!

Here are 7 amazing benefits of maca root for women that I can personally attest to:

If your morning coffee simply isn’t cutting it these days, try adding a scoop of maca powder to your pre-workout shake for an all-natural energy boost! Due to maca’s rich vitamin, mineral, fatty acid, and protein profile, maca will naturally increase your energy levels and will aid in recovery from injury. One thing is for sure- it puts that extra pep in my step!

Maca is fantastic for aiding in overall fertility. In Layman’s Terms, maca balances your hormones that are associated with fertility. As fertility is becoming such a serious issue for many women, why not add an all-natural component to your daily routine to aid your body in remaining healthy and fertile?

If you have been feeling in a slump or simply just off, maca can drastically help to improve one’s overall mood. This is due to the fatty acid component found in maca that supports your overall brain health. The fatty acids within maca root support brain function, which aids in analyzing skills, cognitive functioning, and rational thinking. Bottom line- Maca will make you more level headed while providing you with an added mood boost.

Sexual Function
As women age, and especially as they go through menopause, sexual desire and function start to decline. Maca can help to improve sexual function as it is loaded with minerals like zinc, iodine, and essential fatty acids that contribute to balance sex hormones.

Helps with menopausal symptoms
Due to maca’s hormone balancing properties, nutrient dense profile, and phytochemical content, maca can help to reduce common symptoms of menopause including hot flashes, sleep disruptions, night sweats, and depression. These symptoms can be incredibly severe for many women and maca serves as an all-natural supplement that can drastically aid with these uncomfortable symptoms.

If you weren’t already convinced by now- Maca is also great for the skin! Say Buh-bye to acne and blemishes, and hello to smooth skin! Also, it will also help to decrease skin sensitivity, which is amazing for beauties who live in hot or cold weather.
Overall Wellness
As you can probably tell, maca has quite the impressive grocery list of benefits for women. Even if you aren’t going through menopause, have a great mood, and high energy, maca definitely won’t hurt. Try using maca in your morning shake, as a pre-workout supplement, or just adding it to your morning ritual to experience a healthier you!

What’s your favorite superfood? christie-sig

  1. Dylana says:

    I must try this!

    It sounds amazing!


  2. Eli says:

    I have to say I love all of your posts. Thank you for being amazing. I will try some smoothies with maca

  3. Aurora says:

    Maca is the best. It calms you and makes you strong at the same time

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