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I often preach the power of SPF and to stay out of the sun as much as possible, but that shouldn’t restrict you from busting out that favorite bikini. A perfect bathing suit can be protected by big hats and oversized sunnies. Thanks to the Fashion Gods! I remember when a one piece suit was nowhere to be found, but they have definitely made a comeback and I’m hoping they are here to stay.


I really think the great thing about a one piece is the fact that it is still sexy but a little more polished than a two piece. Now, I’m not saying I don’t love a two-piece suit, but there is something about a one piece that gets a second glance at the pool. I think we can thank Hollywood icon Marilyn Monroe for this one. What a timeless beauty!

Marilyn Monroe 1 piece

A one piece bathing suit can be perfect for an unexpected vacay getaway. I mean who is always ready to get into a Bikini? Unless you are a unicorn like Gisele Bundchen.  Let’s say you are feeling a little fluff from a possible vanilla latte or maybe a few, it happens. No worries, a one piece will hide any extra bloating you might feel in the midsection! Another thing I  really love about a one piece is,  I can fake a tan quick and I won’t have to worry about my stomach area because it will be hidden.

Where to find the perfect suit??

Here are a few of my favorite online retailers! Avoid long lines. Presents delivered to your front door are the best!

This is my go-to online retailer for bathing suit shopping! I just ordered a new cheetah bathing suit! Rawr….

Use Code CHRISTIE25 for 25% off entire purchase…


1 piece borde


Victoria Secret shopping online, Yes Please! I mean, you can never really go wrong with a pink bag! You feel me? I’m loving this one..I need to add it to my wishlist.


1 piece



Happy Shopping!




  1. Julia Ay says:

    OKAY all of these are so perfect! Especially the animal print suit, LOVE! Thanks for sharing!

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