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3 Hair Accessories for Summer

I’ve always loved hair accessories and for Summer, I’m on a mega kick! Sooo naturally, I wanted to share my favs with you!

As a Glam Tomboy, I’m always looking for ways to incorporate a feminine piece to pull the glam side together and hair accessories totally do it, they are feminine, chic and on trend!

Hair Pins

I’ve been Living for a good hairpin, if you are on Insta chances you have seen this trend! I have been super into big pearl hairpins and I found these on Amazon and they were they BEST find, comes with 8 hairpins total! You can find them here! I tend to think odd numbers always look the best to the eye, so I usually pair 1 or 3 pins to create the LOOK! I also have some really great hairpins I will be adding into a future post. So stay tuned! 


If you were an 80’s baby you already know too well, that headbands and Osh Kosh overalls were a thing. Who knew that headbands were going to come back and to be honest, I rock some overalls every now and again. Clearly not much has changed!

I’m loving this headband looks like a total Gucci Dupe! I love to take a bit of piece of hair an pull them forward in front of the headband and position the headband at a bit of an angle. I also love to tease the crown to make the entire look a bit more GLAM. Also, this headband is so chic and feminine, I love to pair this look with a white tee!


Ok, who doesn’t love a good scarf! There are so many fun ways you can use them, so I decided to create a Pinterest board that I wanted to share with you with a ton of diff ways you can style your hair using them. You can find the board here.

Here are a few that I’m absolutely loving as well.



Hair can be totally fun by adding accessories into the mix, I hope this gave you some Summer Inspo! Also, if you are looking to add a topknot into your hair regimen, you might like this postIt’s an oldie but a goodie!

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