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What they don’t tell you

I wish someone would have told me about my 30’s, specifically my mid 30’s! My girlfriend DM’ d me, YES I feel this is the way we socialize in 2019. Everything slides into a direct message AKA DM via Instagram. Anyways, she reached out to me and was telling me about some of the struggles and shit she was going through personally once she hit her 30’s, it was almost as if I was talking to myself.

The struggle is REAL because it’s the first time that your 20’s are in the past, you can no longer eat everything you want and get away with it, cellulite is a very real thing in your 30’s! Also, unwanted hairs show up and let’s not mention the wrinkles that are started to creep up around the eyes. Thank God for botox! Although botox and I started seeing each other in my mid 20’s for prevention or so I tell people. The truth is I had hereditary lines that were awful and needed to meet the needle. I’m still waiting for the look on my husband’s face when I get pregnant and have to take a botox break, he will see the real forehead for the first time!

I tried to explain this convo with my mama, thinking surely she would understand and give me some positive feedback, instead her response was, wait til’ you get to your 50’s! LOL! Now, I can’t completely understand what she meant being as though I haven’t reached that age, however, I can say the ’30s are a bit of a punch because it’s the first realization that things are changing and youth is starting to slip away!

The great news is, there is some serious upside to being in your 30’s in my personal opinion. Now, I know the saying you are only as old as you think you are, that’s a great saying. However, father time does play a big role that you just can’t deny. Here are a few things that change within a woman when they hit their 30’s, the great news is, there are some SOLUTIONS that can totally help, I don’t want to make this post entirely a DEBBIE DOWNER, but sometimes as women, we need to know what is going on with our bodies!

Loss of Collagen

Remember those days when you would get a zit, and you would put on some acne cream before bed, and you would wake up and POOF it was instantly gone? WHEWWWWW! Ya, those days are in the rearview mirror for me, now if I get a zit it goes away eventually, but the red spot hangs out on my face, how fun right??? This was truly the moment I realized my collagen production was slowing down within my body.

Collagen is a connective protein within the body, and as we age, we start to lose some of the collagen, which can cause loose skin, firmness, and good old CELLULITE! Bummer right? Well, the good news is first and foremost if you are reading this and saying omg that’s sooo me, means you’re not alone! I’m right there with you, and after talking to quite a few girlfriends about this, we’re in it together! Thanks to collagen being a mega buzz word for 2019, we have access to a youth outlet. It’s as simple as if you lose collagen; you need to put it back in. There are many products out there dedicated to helping with collagen production.

As  Co-Founder of a Nutritional Supplement company it was important we created a product that has collagen in it, it took about 9 months to bring to fruition, and I’m so thrilled that it is finally available online. It’s an All-Natural Whey Protein with added Collagen Type I & II! You can find it here; I make this shake daily after my workouts. P.S. It’s Hormone Free which was super important to me as a woman!

I also love Vital Proteins, even though they are our competitors, they are really good! I love the sticks and put them in my water when you’re on the go! You can find them here.

Egg Production

If I could have told my younger self anything, it would have been to get my eggs frozen, even if you are reading this and you’re in your early 30’s and have the resources, even if married, single or whatever your status is do it! This will give you the freedom to get pregnant when you want to, instead of listening to society thinking everything has to be a rush! You can have your 30-year-old eggs at 50! How great is that!

My husband and I are starting the IVF process, I’m 35, and my egg count is beginning to reduce, this really starts to happen mid 30’s, in fact, there hasn’t been one IVF doctor that hasn’t taken out a chart to show us what 35 and up egg production starts to do (Last appointment I was like I get it). Now, it doesn’t mean you’re not producing eggs or that you can’t get pregnant; it just means they are decreasing AKA you are starting to get old AF! IVF a few years ago wasn’t as big of a trend as I think it is now, maybe I’m wrong, but if you can freeze them early do it! Your older self in the future will thank you!


I love a good workout sesh, but as the years have crept in I’ve noticed I have to workout much harder as well as allow myself recovery time. Allowing my body to heal has been crucial for me; the last thing I want it to push too hard and cause an injury. One thing I started doing, which really helped post-workout and also burns some calories is to sit in a sauna. I mean, who doesn’t loveeee a few extra calories burned! YES!  It’s been a great way to decompress as well. If you are in Cali I highly suggest Perspire Sauna Studio;  I’m truly obsessed, you go into a sauna and watch Netflix and chill, it is a highlight to my week as I try to go in once a week!

I have also heard AMAZING things about cryotherapy for recovery an inflammation. Once I try it, I will def keep you posted, or you have tried it PLEASE send me deets!

Here’s to the big TRUTH of the ’30s that I’ve experienced! Anyone else experienced some of these things? Comment Below!


  1. you look absolutely Gorg. Great post

  2. Trene Allen says:

    Yes, being 30 now alot of the bad caught up with me. I glad you were able to make this personal as well as give information

  3. Mariam says:

    Great tips! I’m approaching my 30s this year and I definitely have started taking collagen supplements as well as using skincare which contains collagen. I like how you also mentioned taking the time to recover and that as you get older you probably need some more time than when you were younger! I’ll definitely keep this in mind!


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