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5 Beauty Must Haves for Summer

I’m about a month late on writing this, but I thought better late than NEVER! Who doesn’t love to look like a bronzed goddess for the Summer??? Tan legs, glowing skin with a pop of gloss, if this is you I have 5 Beauty Must-Haves that are so worth implementing to achieve your sexy self this Summer!


I will be the first to admit that my tan I rock almost year-round is entirely FAKE! Gone are the days were tanning beds or laying out in the Sun without SPF is a cool thing, in fact at least here in OC it’s a  total faux paw.

I always want that JLO Glow and to be honest if you google JLO back in the day it becomes apparent that JLO glow was created. She truly is a marketing genius she created her entire persona, I found this photo on the internet and had to show you the power of a good FAUX tan! Both beautiful, but personally for me I’m all about that GLOW!

My tanning routine I do twice a week at home and after trying countless amounts of trying different tanning products I feel as though I  have found the one! I  will do a dedicated post in the future on how I exfoliate, apply and then do it all ovvaaaa again!

In the meantime though let’s talk about the actual product, it’s by Loving Tan and it’s sooo good. I’ve been wearing it for about the past 8 months and it created that beautiful European color that pulls a purple undertone opposed to that orange tan that NO one wants! Yes, I’ve been orange several times trying out different tanning products. Like they say you got to kiss a few frogs to find prince charming. I find that’s the same case with self-tanning! lol

I use Ultra Dark, don’t be afraid of the title I feel like it adjusts according to anyone’s skin color! If I really want some color, I apply Fenty Body Lava, and OMG this product is everything and a bag of chips! I’m obsessed, it can be a bit sticky and can transfer color so def set it with powder! I use the color brown sugar, you can find it here.

P.S. One more thought, if you can’t tone it, tan it!


OK, so with this next Beauty Must-Have I find you either love this look or you don’t! Either way, come join the bandwagon because it will seriously saves you from sun damage on your face! As savvy consumers we are getting much smarter and now SPF and avoiding the Sun is coming to light. I mean, don’t you remember when tanning beds were the THING, I worked at a tanning salon in high school I use to hop in a bed, apply my Playboy bunny sticker to see how much melanin I  could produce under the frying lights! Who remembers those days? EEEEEEKKKK do I regret that and still have damage from it!

While I do love to go outside, I just make sure I’m lathered up with SPF and oversized hats and sunnies. Oversized brims are amazing because they can protect more of the face. Here are a few that I’m loving!



Pretty basic, and I’m sure you have heard this but honestly it is the fountain of youth! If you want beautiful glowing skin, H20 is a must! I’m super picky about water I know I  sound like a diva but this water particularly is a high PH level to ensure your body has been well alkalized. This is my all-time favorite, I do 2 bottles of 1.5L and I’m done for the day! If you aren’t a huge water fan, try adding lemon, limes or fruit of choice! Essentia is my go-to, you can find their website here.


Everything looks better with a bit of gloss, I  love a good coral or bubble gum pink! Gives a sexy vibe with your new golden faux tan! Marc Jacobs lippie def scream Summer! Here is the collection.


Yes, honey YES! Don’t be that basic B and do yourself  a favor and add some glam to your look! I usually wear solid colors, so basic right! Well, I Glamorize heavy to put the entire look together! One item particularly is headbands they are so on-trend for Summer!

I wasn’t really into the headband look when the trend resurfaced, to be honest, my first thought is I don’t want to look 5, sexpot 2019 with a side of chic is what I want to strive for! I’ve totally changed my mind and now I’m all about a good headband, there are so many ways to style them. I actually became so in love with them I decided to open up a mini shop on Etsy that I created that is all about Glamorizing your look on the daily! You can shop my looks here, this is one of my fav headbands I’ve been wearing on repeat called Pretty in Pearls!


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