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5 ways to minimize pores

Why Pores?

You know those annoying small holes on your skin that can sometimes make it impossible to have a flawless makeup application, ya those are pores. I find mine quite annoying at times. However, they are essential to keeping our skin moisturized. Pores get bigger as we age as well, due to debris and lack of tissue we lose as the years go by. I know that can sound depressing but lucky for us skincare has never been soooo good. Pores can’t completely go away because we do need them. However, there are ways to reduce them and make them look smaller. Here are my top 5 tips I use when my pores need some extra love.


Charcoal Mask

You might have heard of this latest trend using charcoal for your skin. Pores will continue to get bigger as more build up, and bacteria gets into your skin, over the years I’ve noticed mine needed much help. Charcoal helps draw out bacteria and helps fight acne as well. I will link a few options down below and be on the lookout for my DIY  charcoal nose mask.

Use a Clarisonic

I lovee my Clarisonic, think of it as a deep clean on your skin. If you love to put on a glam and are addicted to makeup, you need this in your life. The Clarisonic works deep to remove all of the build-up and claims to remove 6 times more makeup than by using your hands to cleanse. I agree with the claim, and I notice my pores become smaller the more consistent I am with using it. I love that you can put in the shower and my face feels super clean, and the gunk/bacteria on my face is cleaned out of my pores.


Exfoliations are one of the best things you can do for a glowy complexion, and it totally helps tightens pores. Exfoliants help loosen up the debris in your pores and help to unclog them. Be careful not to exfoliate too much it can strip your skin. I use a mild exfoliant from Tatcha nightly that isn’t too harsh for your skin and sucks out the cake face I did that day.

Bye Bye Pores by It Cosmetics

This product is genius; however it works a little bit different than the 4 other products I’ve listed. It doesn’t reduce the pores as much as blends over your skin to create a flawless look. I’ve used this product consistently for the past year. I apply this product with a kabuki brush towards the end of my makeup application. Not only does it cover the pores it has anti-aging properties. My guess is if you have pores and they are getting bigger you are starting to age. Sigh, me too! Luckily for us, skin care is rapidly evolving!

Use SPF Daily

Not any SPF, in fact, some will clog your pores and do the complete opposite of what you are trying to achieve by reading this piece. I use to avoid SPF when I was younger because I thought it was greasy and clogged my pores. Well, that was then and a few age spots later I regretted it BIG time. I’ve tried a fewe different skin SPF, and I finally found one that I love by Tatcha. There Pore Perfecting Sunscreen has SPF 35 and helps tighten pores. It’s lightweight, and I apply it as a primer before my makeup.

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I hope you found this post helpful, what are some of your favorite beauty products currently?


  1. Lissa Cott says:

    Amazing looking beauty products! Must get them especially the mask

  2. Jessica Roxanne says:

    Lovely things for a fabulous woman

  3. Claudia says:

    Omg, this is helpful. I wish pores could close/shrink

  4. Taylor says:

    great tips! my large pore struggle is real

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