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7 tips to building confidence

As women, we can be hard on ourselves in today’s world. There is an extreme amount of pressure to be more, want more and do more and although I love social media, it can sometimes enhance the pressure of it all. Does it ever leave you feeling not as confident about who you are? Well.. confidence is something that can be built, if you feel you lack in this area, trust me you are so not alone. I’m very awkwardly shy when I first meet people, and I’m an introvert at heart; however confidence can be built, and attainable and I use these tips frequently. Here are seven tips that will leave you feeling confident this year!

mckenziesmithphotography_glutesgloss-08011. Posture

I’ve put this as the first tip because I believe this is the most important of them all if you have one takeaway from this post, this should be it. Posture screams confidence, you can own an entire room with the way you hold yourself together. You don’t have to be the smartest person in the room, the most beautiful or the funniest; you just have to roll your shoulders back and sit up straight. You will look taller; your stomach will look slimmer, and I guarantee if you make this one small shift you will instantly feel more confident.


2.  Pull Yourself Together

Have you ever been in a situation when you run out of the house looking a hot mess and bump into someone you see? Totally embarrassed your like shit why didn’t I take 5 minutes to pull myself together. Truth be told I hate to blow dry my hair, but when I take the time to do it, I feel better about myself. If you feel good about yourself, my guess is you feel more confident. Take 5 minutes to put on some gloss, mascara, brush your hair, whatever you have to do, DO IT!

There are no ugly women in the world, just lazy ones.             -Coco Chanel

3.  Exercise

I know I sound like a broken record, not only will it help with your posture you feel better about yourself. Exercising releases a chemical to your brain called endorphins which will give you a boost of happiness! If you find yourself bored with exercising or maybe you don’t like what you have done in the past. It’s time to switch things up, try kickboxing, group classes, hiking, etc. The better you feel about yourself, the happier you will be. The end game of exercising is a building tool for confidence.

4. As If

 If you struggle with confidence, try acting as if you are someone else you admire. I have many mentors, one particular is Tony Robbins, he owns a room, has great posture and clearly works on his health, he is confidence. When I’m about to enter a situation that might make me uncomfortable or doubt myself, I act as if. I say to myself what would Tony do in this situation? This is a tool you can use often, jot down your mentors, someone you inspire to be like and if you are in a situation that makes you nervous, act as if you would be in that person’s shoes.



5.  Be your own pretty

STOP comparing yourself to others, you are perfect the way you were made and that honey is beautiful. The more you love yourself and the less you compare yourself to others the happier you will be. It’s a waste of time and very discouraging. As Kevin Hart says “Stay in your Lane” and believe in your own pretty. That is CONFIDENCE!

6. Wear that one thing you love

Let me just say I see my future self in my 80’s with lipliner and big hair. I’ve had many people in my years tell me to ditch the lipliner, but why would I do that when it makes me feel fabulous, and I truly love it. In fact, I believe more women should wear a little lipliner just sayin! My point is if you have that one thing you love, maybe it’s an outfit, sleek hair or a fav eyeshadow you should wear it and own it, EVEN if it’s not on trend! If it makes you feel good about you DO IT, OWN IT and ROCK IT! Instant confidence boost.







7. Practice Makes Perfect

In today’s society, we are more connected than ever while being disconnected at the same time with technology evolving. If you want to build your confidence, try getting uncomfortable by joining networks, meeting new people, etc. By getting uncomfortable you are allowing yourself to stretch for personal growth, this will help you build your confidence BIG TIME.




I hope you found this read to benefit you going into 2017. On a final note what you think is your reality, make this year great. If you need additional tips, you might also like Polished Posture


Photographer: Mckenzie Smith


  1. Erica says:

    I LOVE this article! Great tips girl! Xxoo

  2. Theresa says:

    I loved this post Christie!! And your outfits are stunning on you! The take 5 minutes to pull yourself together hit home over here! 🙂

  3. Stephanie says:

    Thank you for sharing and being honest about your struggle. It’s encouraging and so appreciated!

  4. Lacy says:

    You always look good! xo

  5. Olivia says:

    Great article and something I needed to hear. Very pretty !

  6. Alexa says:

    Yes please, more ootd!

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