Hi, Dolls! February is such a beautiful Winter month and who doesn’t love a little braless wine night in addition to some online shopping. Here are a few of my must have’s this month that I highly recommend. What I love about Winter slowly transitioning into Spring is there are always MEGA deals taking place. […]

Cheers to 2017, I think this year is meant for women. I’m pretty superstitious, and 2017 is considered number one in the numerological predictions. What does that mean for us? A new slate, one is the number of the beginning.  If you are ready to do that one thing you have always wanted to do, […]

I  always find it hard to shop for a guy during the holidays; I find it easier to shop for women! I love to do a little Sephora shopping for my girlfriends. The power of the internet is just too good, and the great thing is you can do all of your guys shopping in […]

I tend to spend hours in Barnes and Noble sipping on a Starbucks and getting lost in the self-help section and the occasional magazine area. I mean HELLO who doesn’t love Glamour magazine! I feel very blessed to be a woman in this day and age, more and more women are dominating in social media, […]

Does Mr. Right exist?? Have you ever asked yourself that question before? I used to say these very same words until I decided to change my mind frame. You know the saying, “if you think you can, you’re right?” I believe it all starts with your mind frame and the language you use. Instead of […]

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