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Denim on Denim

June is coming and going too quick! I was always told when I was younger, the older you get the quicker it goes. I have to say at 35 it is going to damn fast. With June Gloom in full effect, it’s a tad bit cooler here in Orange County. I’ve been opting for a longer sleeve to pair with some shorts. It’s almost as if you want to be on season trends with the coral nail polish paired with a tank top and bangin tan, buuuutttt it’s a tough one because it ain’t warm in June Gloom! I’m sure most people that live outside of California laugh at us, I mean if you have ever seen the YouTube skit of when it rains in California is pretty funny, but honestly so true. If you need a good laugh, I linked it here!

Denim on denim is the perfect day or night outfit. I feel like this could be an outfit that is casual with a pair of flats or you can dress it up for date night by adding a heel to them. My denim blouse is sold out, but I found a similar one on Amazon Fashion that you can find here. Wow, Amazon Fashion is taking over if you haven’t checked out their latest finds, there are some mega good finds!

As a Glam Tomboy, denim is always my go to, but at times I feel a little too boyish! So a great way to add some feminine pieces to this look is by GlAM-orizing AKA accessorizing. I love gold jewelry especially in the Summer it adds a little bit extra to the outfit. Throw on a scarf and add a product placement coffee and you are good to go! Chic, Feminine and comfy at the same time!




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