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Designer Tree Tips

I live for Christmas, and the tree is always the focal point when you first walk into a home. Here is my tree for 2017, yes I had it up a tad bit early. However, I wanted to make sure I send out a few tips that I’ve learned throughout the years to create a beautiful design, and I hope it inspires you to create that perfect tree this year. All the details are listed below! Keep reading…




Wire Cutter



This is the fun part and this should be the very first thing you do before starting your tree. I think the biggest misconception is that the tree has to go with the entire look of the house. Not necessarily, in fact, each year I look at it as an opportunity to create something new by the end of the year. Once I came to that realization the pressure was off to find the exact colors to match my traditional neutral and navy home design. In fact, next year is so going to be a noble flocked tree in a traditional red, too soon?

When picking out a color scheme find out what speaks to you, I recommend 3-4 colors to complete the look. If you are struggling to find a color scheme head to Pinterest for some inspo, also complimentary colors are always a winner. Here is a color wheel, so, for instance, let’s say you wanted the color blue directly across is its complementary color orange. Complimentary colors ALWAYS go well with each other, so when looking at the wheel just remember the opposite side of the wheel compliments your color scheme.

Next, are you looking for a new tree this year? There are so many beautiful choices here are a few that I found to give you an idea.  Please keep in mind if you do a big topper you want to make sure your tree isn’t too big and hits your ceiling.


Adding bows has been a gamechanger in making a tree look as if it was done by a designer. It’s really not as complicated as it may look. The most important thing is to make sure you are using wired ribbon this will allow you to shape the direction of it.

I prefer to put my bows in, right after fluffing my tree, this will fill in the tree and make it look much more luxe with a designer touch to it.  I will have a post very soon all about bows, in the meantime just remember  WIRED ribbon is what you need. I like to do 2 different types of ribbon I find anymore makes it look way to busy, again this is a personal preference. If you notice I stacked the ribbons together, and I  finished by cutting them at an angle. There are many ways to cut ribbon it’s more of personal preference.


If you look closely at my tree, it is filled not with just bows and ornaments but rather fillers. What I found was the fuller I made the tree the more expensive it looks. I have branches, faux flocked clips ins; I also used this same approach to top my tree. I  paired it with a bow to cover any greenery at the top. Here is a link that will take you to exactly where I found about 70% of my fill-ins for my tree. P.S. Michaels always have coupons don’t forget to download the app!


This was one area I often forgot about until one of my best girlfriends pointed out to me one year that the bottom of the tree didn’t get as much love. Not only was she right but by adding just a few props under the tree transformed the entire look and NO it doesn’t mean your tree has to be loaded with presents underneath.

Obviously, you want to make sure you have tree skirt if you don’t have one substitute it with a blanket. Blankets are great underneath a tree it can make it look so comfy and lush. A  few things you can use to dress up the bottom, pillows, ottoman, boxes and accessories. YES, these boxes in these pictures are empty and only on display for presentation.

You can find boxes like these everywhere right now one of my favorites places for Holiday decor is Home Goods, and they always have new shipments.

With that being said GOOD luck creating a beautiful tree for 2017. If you are looking for more inspo, don’t forget to subscribe to my email to receive weekly design and beauty tips.

  1. Vanessa says:

    Loooove your tree! I’ll be trying to replicate it.

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