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Feed your Focus

Do you ever feel like you are all over the place? Lack complete Focus? Have a million different ideas running throughout your mind and by the end of the day, you got absolutely NOTHING accomplished. You are so not alone, and I’ve been there. In fact, I would still be there if I didn’t implement these 5 tips into my day to day. Without these 5 tips, I’m honestly a lost puppy going throughout life daily; I think some of us free spirit individuals sometimes just need a game plan to feed our focus.

Focus is more important than intelligence – Unknown

1. Keep your calendar with you at ALL times

I use to be old school and write everything down if you are that way this is great news! There is scientific research proven that when you take pen to paper, it will improve your retention. Talk about a follow through! So Keep WRITING it down on your calendar.

About 2 weeks ago I made the switch to Google Calendar, maybe because my written calendar doesn’t fit into some of my purses. Having my google calendar set up on my phone has been such a game changer. My productivity levels have gone way up, and I’m laser focused throughout the day. Ummmmm and HELLO you can change your reminders, events, to do lists in colors.  My entire calendar is so colorful, and this might sound silly but marking off my tasks throughout the day make me feel as though I’ve won the lotto! DOUBLE SNAP! You can download from your phone using the app.

2. Take a walk outside

This might sound like the complete opposite of a tip you would find as my second, however taking a walk can clear your mind if you have hit a mental block. Not only will it help you stay focused it will recharge you to become more productive. If you are more on the creative side a daily walk outside is a MUST for you. One study found walking increased 81 percent of participants’ creativity.

BTW! Steve Jobs was known for having the majority of his meetings while walking. I guess he was onto something. boss-5


3. Block timing

Essentially what these little guys do is help assist in blocking out times for you to focus on one specific project. P.S. It totally works, I swear by it!

I have the white and green one, and I use it for anything and everything I’m focusing on! I love to use it for work as well as cleaning my house. Each of my timers has different time sets on them; the white one is great for a longer project I’m working on. The green one I have I use in the kitchen for a smaller project the timer is set at 1, 5,10 & 15. This will keep you MEGA focused for only $19!

4. 5 Second Rule

I started adding the 5 Second Rule a few weeks ago and have noticed an instant change to turn my focus to one particular thing, instead of being scatterbrained all over the place. It forces my mind to do the tasks at hand to feed my focus.  If you haven’t heard of Mel Robbins she is a phenomenal motivational speaker and the woman behind 5 Second Rule; I highly suggest this book!


5.  Airplane Mode

Distractions can be such a Killer no matter how determined you are to stay focused. Fun fact, did you know that when we receive text messages, it’s an instant drug straight to your dopamine system within your brain.

Going into airplane mode can be extremely effective, and of course, you still have access to your google calendar!


I hope you found this post useful to use to help feed your focus. It’s always the small things we do every day that lead up to the big picture of chasing our dreams.





  1. Sarah says:

    Such good advice! I don’t know where I’d be without my calendar and I get so much done when I block my time. I love the power of airplane mode too – it’s the one thing guaranteed to stop me from getting distracted! Great post! 🙂

  2. I really love the time blocks! I use an online pomodoro timer to work in 25 minute chunks. It really does help with focus.

  3. Moe says:

    OH I’ll have to research the 5 Second rule. I find that focus eludes me sometimes….and sometimes I am all at it. Thanks for the tips

  4. Mindy says:

    Great tips for keeping focused! A calendar always helps.

  5. Anita says:

    Great tips. My problem is always distraction, еspecially when I do something I do not like. But everyone has to do such things, and that’s not an excuse. And btw this outfit is BOMB! I <3 it 🙂

  6. Mia says:

    Great tips (and lovely look)! Sometimes I put airplane mode on when I’m writing in Notes on-the-go–there are no distractions and it saves battery

  7. Morgan says:

    Good thought on going on “airplane mode.” I always worry I will miss something important, but it I set a timer to check, I would probably get so much more done!

  8. these are some really great tips (:

  9. Shannon says:

    I’m totally with you on the writing things down. I also enjoy my google calendar. And sometimes a walk is the only thing that gets my focus back where it needs to be. 🙂

  10. Callie says:

    I really struggle with focus. Thanks for the tips! I find using my phone calendar more tedious than writing it down, but then my phone is always with me and my calendar isn’t so I might give it another try.

  11. kristal says:

    This outfit is the definition of simply chic. I love everything about . Thank you for the tips I need help focusing.

  12. Tara says:

    excellent tips – LOVING those pants!

  13. Dee Shoots says:

    Love this look, class ic black and white

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