Freshen up your home for Spring

New Art

Do you ever watch my Insta Stories? I post A LOT about replacing framed art and with new art! Often  when people think about freshening up their decor they think about replacing everything. This is not only cost-effective you can keep the pictures you used previously behind it! I get alot of

Pillow Cover Slips

Just like the pictures keep the pillows and switch out slips! No need to purchase new pillows unless you have your eye out for some fun textured pillow that’s different!


Of course, I would list florals! Weather is faux or real florals seasons change and so do florals. It’s officially March; if you have red peonies throughout your home, it might be time for a season switch up.

I switch out faux florals throughout my home based on the season. This is one of my arrangments from Spring of 2017.

I tend to do a mixture of faux and real flowers. I find splurging on some great faux florals will save you in the long run.  I swear by the Ashland ones that you can find here, they




Scented Candles

One of the quickest ways to jump into a new season is to switch out your candles. I’m sure there are nostalgic times throughout our life where smell has played a part. Whenever I think Pecan Pie I think of Fall, particularly Thanksgiving and of course Balsam for Winter!

I felt like such a bad wife I went into my husbands home office and I hadn’t switched out his candle from Winter! I walked in and immediately thought of a Christmas Tree. Spring is all about floral scents, think Gardenia, Roses, and Citrus. We all have different scents that speak to us; my suggestion is to stop into Bath and Body Works. I always say Bath and Body works because honestly I like variety and I love their signature scents. I’ve spent a ton of money on both high end and low-end candles, and I can say  Bath and Body Works 3-wick candles are on my top list! You can snag one of these babies on their sale day for $12.95! Don’t pay full price they always run sales.

I also love a few of these. The Capri Blue Volcano candle is sooo good!



Tis the season to get that body in check! When Spring comes around, I find myself hitting that Treadmill a bit harder and not to mention cleaning up my eating habits.

Fruit is not only great for you; they look chic in a cute bowl or cake plate presented on your kitchen table.

I’m all about cake plates; I use them for accessories, fruit, candles you name it! Fruits that look AHHH-mazing on display ORANGES, LEMONS, and GREEN APPLES! Things that are bright, if you are thinking of displaying brownish bananas on a  cake plate think twice. If you want to have a designer esque look  the brown basic fruits need to go into the pantry. Think about if you were to walk into a model home and saw some brown fruit sitting on the counter.

Adding this one tip into your home will not only freshen it up for Spring, it will help you stay on track for those 2018 resolutions to live a healthy lifestyle. You know who I’m talking to!

If you want to WOW the fruits, try an odd number! Odd numbers are said to promote change HELLO Spring!


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