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Glam Gift Guide

Ok, I’m a total glam girl. I spend entirely way too much time strolling down Sephora, Ulta, and my local CVS beauty section. YES, I love some drugstore makeup as well! You can be a Glam Goddess on a budget! All of these items vary in price, but one thing I know, if you are looking to purchase the ultimate present this holiday for a glam girl, this roundup will have you covered.

1. Lip Gloss – Dare to Bare

This is not just A lip gloss this is THE lip gloss! Pat Mcgrath makeup was introduced to me just this year, like where have I been??? As I was strolling through my weekly Sephora run I came across the most beautiful display and there she was the gloss of all glosses. Now I’m not one to use the testers, I’m kind of a germaphobe and quite frankly I’ve watched one too many nightly episodes of Dateline. Boy, the things you learn on Dateline! So needless to say, I don’t try on makeup, however, I cling my receipt to my hand just in case I need to return.

What attracted me to this specific gloss was that it had ultra shine, and had a spec of pink within the nude gloss. Once I purchased my Dare to Bare gloss I ran to my car, adjusted my rear view mirror to apply my new kind of expensive lip gloss! WOW, was I pleasantly surprised it was smooth like butttaaaa, shiny but not obnoxious in your face shiny, just the perfect amount! In the light, it has a beautiful flicker of pink, but overall a gorgeous nude. This is the perfect GIFT, you can find it here.

A few other great options from Pat Mcgraph


Ahhhh the perfect gift for the glam girl indeed. Sooooo a long, long time ago back in the day when I lived in Vegas, I dreamed of a pair of Christian Louboutins.  Now for me this was a big purchase and to be honest, I walked into the forum shops at Ceasers Palace without a game plan on which ones to purchase. I thought whatever speaks to me those are the WINNER! Well, let’s just say I was going through a phase when spikes were all the rage and living in Vegas why not?? I purchased my first pair of 6 inch CL black spikes ready to hit the town! Now, fast forward to living in OC not quite as glitzy as Vegas and those spikes served me no justice. They eventually made their way to a new home sold on Poshmark.

However, these ‘So Kate nude pumps are the perfect gift for the glam girl, it screams WOW you know me and also what a well thought out gift. These can be dressed up or down and are timeless! If you are going for a WOW gift this is it and you can find it here.

3 Rimmel Mascara

This mascara is all that and a bag of chips. Time to time I switch up my makeup and I always return to Rimmel Scandalous Retro Glam, if you love over the top mascara – thick/volume /jet black then Retro Glam is it, I mean it has the word GLAM in it, of course, she will love it!

4. Gucci Belt

If you are on social or you have the App, you know all too well that women are rockin their Gucci Belts with dresses, skirts an of course jeans! This belt is universally worn and is perfect for the Glam Girl, a bit higher price point but she is sure to love it! This will get plenty of use and it will last for years.

5. Leopard Print Scarf

I mean, Cmon anything leopard print is going to look good! Well, wait I take that back I’ve seen some leopard print that can be a bit Gawdy a def no for the Ultimate Glam Girl. I feel like this is the perfect gift for your closest Glam girlfriend, it’s thoughtful, chic and has a great price tag to go with it. You can find it here.

6. Donna Karen Deodorant

Say Goodbye Secret deodorant, Hello Donna Karen! This deodorant screams lavish, the smell is soooo good. I would say this fragrance is a preference, but from Glam Girl to Glam Girl it’s a YES! Keep your receipt just in case!

7. Le Labo Perfume

You can never go wrong with a fragrance especially Le Labo’s. Santal 26 is personally my fav, it’s clean and smells expensive.

Fun Fact: The artist Prince use to spritz Chanel fragrance in his shoes! I started doing the same with my  Le Labo’s fragrance!

I would definitely say Le Labo’s is one of those fragrances for your hair, body, and shoes, I think she will love this gift, here are some other fragrances as well.

8. Ardell Lashes

When Ardell lashes come to mind I think, Quick, Easy and an Instant GLAM! The perfect stocking stuffer or gift by itself. Totally affordable and a gift she will love. I’m biased over the demi wispies from Ardell lashes, but to be honest you can’t go wrong with anything from the Ardel line. P.S. Ardell lash glue is the bomb as well. If you want to add it the lashes to level up your glam girl gift I’m sure she won’t mind!

Good luck on the last of your shopping! We are so close to Christmas, can’t believe it! EEEKK

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