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Who has a thing for headbands? Honestly, when I first saw the trend come back in I immediately thought about my childhood school pictures where half my teeth were growing in and a headband was placed in my hair to try to pull off the fact that I was going through that weird stage. Who’s been there? lol! I wasn’t into them and thought I would never wear one, I also thought they would make me look childish until I started scrolling through Pinterest! Yes, Pinterest is life for me. I feel so inspired and creative every time I put together boards ranging from hairstyles to booty workouts. I have a bunch of boards saved feel free to follow me here.

While I was scrolling Pinterest I came across a beautiful photo of a woman wearing one and the way her hair was placed with the headband made her look uber chic and sexy at the same time. Sooooo, with that being said I bought my first headband and I was hooked! Now, my collection is pretty crazy and now I live in a headband. So, for me personally what I think is the trick for a chic headband placement is to pull some hair forward especially if you have a fringe or a long bang! If you don’t pull the hair forward and try tucking it behind your ears. This is the photo that got me inspired to start wearing headbands and you will see how she sectioned the hair.



Also, a few other places to shop some great headbands you can find here and here! So notice in the photo below how I positioned my hair with the headband, I pulled my hair forward and in the back, I teased it to give it a little bit of volume at the crown. Had I put on a headband and pulled back all of my hair for me personally I wouldn’t be near as chic!

If you are thinking about pulling off the headband trend, I hope this post gave you some inspo!


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