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Hollywood Regency Decor

Hollywood Regency is one of my very favorite designs that I tend to always gravitate towards. If you are looking to incorporate some pieces into your home or a revamp, Hollywood Regency might just be what you need this year!

Ok, so what is Hollywood Regency decor? Well, it dates back to the Golden Era in Hollywood from 1920-1950’s. Think glamour, contrast, and gold! Dorothy Draper was a famous interior designer with impeccable taste. She was coined as the most fabulous interior designer, and now her style has come to fruition, and Hollywood Regency is more popular than ever.

Here is a roundup of pieces to give you some inspiration to get started. If you keep reading, I will share the 3 things to incorporate if you want to add this style to your repertoire.




Rich textures, beautiful drapery, and lush fabrics are a few things that add an expensive feel to Hollywood Regency. Bold prints add to this look, however, be careful to not add in too many prints as it will look cluttered/busy rather than luxe.



Gold is so popular right now, and this style is no exception, being as though it comes from the Golden era. Adding in gold pieces can make a statement. Lucite furniture is beautiful, placed throughout your space will pull the entire look together, not to mention it gives a WOW factor. This statement piece usually had gold accents on the corners which gives it that glam feel! I listed a similar piece for reference above a #2.


3.  Velvet

Velvet screams Hollywood Regency! Velvet has become so mainstream and can be added to any room for a pop of glam. If committing to velvet furniture seems like quite a commitment, try adding pillows, ottomans and throw blankets. Houzz is always a great place for this find, I’ve seen some beautiful velvet ottomans in several colors.


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