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Fake a J. Lo Glow


Who doesn’t feel better with a gorgeous tan? You know, that sun-kissed look as if you just returned from St. Tropez? Well,you can achieve this look by baking under the sun or hitting a tanning bed. While this might give you a temporary fix, the long-lasting results of being a wrinkly prune is so not cute. Not only that, but skin cancer is vastly increasing. According to The American Academy of Dermatology, 1 in 5 people will develop skin cancer in their lifetime. We are all at risk, and if you are pale like me, you are at an even higher risk. Luckily,there are alternatives and you can still achieve that natural, golden bronzed, J Lo look. Hello! Who doesn’t want to have a Glow like J. Lo? Yes Please!


What you will need:

  • Gloves
  • Self Tanner (my two favoriteslisted below)
  • An Exfoliant
  • A Razor


Exfoliate and shave to ensure a great tan with gorgeous results. Exfoliating will help sloth off all the old, dead skin cells, which will reveal natural, radiant, new skin. A close shave with a beautiful tan will last longer. Once out of the shower, pat your skin dry.


In my personal opinion, the best time to apply your fake glow is at night; so you can sleep in your tan. Okay, so…the most important thing here is to wear gloves!!!! Please learn from my mistakes. It doesn’t matter what self tanner you are using, but not using gloves will turn the palm of your hands orange. NOT a cute look. Trust me on this! It has happened to me! The best advice I can give while applying your self tanner, is don’t put too much thought into it. Apply it like you would lotion. Start with a small amount and begin rubbing in circular motions to blend into the skin. I like to start with the bottom half of my body and move my way to the top. Make sure to lightly blend around the neck area, hands and feet to give a natural finish. Don’t forget to check yourself out in the mirror to make sure you didn’t miss a spot. I don’t recommend using any self tanner on your face especially if you have a great skin care regimen. Check out my top 5 picks for face bronzers in the blog.


Once you have distributed the self tanner,air dry for 5-10 minutes. The longer the better! When you do get dressed, be sure to put on loose clothes. Preferably, loose pajamas that you can sleep in. And since Self Tanners sometimes have a funky smell, your best option is to sleep in the fresh tan. The more time you allow the product to soak in to your skin, the better the tan will look. So, don’t be afraid to get those zzz’s and wake up to a banging new golden tan. Lightly rinse off in the morning and pat dry.

Let me leave you with one extra little tip:Invest in a set of dark sheets which you can use the night of a tanning application. You wont regret it!

So, need a great self tanner? Here are my 2 top picks for a nice,fake, golden tan. Beware of the orange self tanners, not chic.




  1. Norvell Perfection Self Tanning Mouse; $38 is worth the extra buck. Smells great and will last 5-7 days. I prefer the darkest application


  1. Banana Boat Summer Color; $7 gives a more natural approach and you can build on the color.


Summer Color

Work that tan!




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