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I’ve missed you

I can’t believe it’s 2022! It’s been so long since I’ve been on my blog and I’m so so happy to be back! Having an outlet to be creative and share what I really love with you all, is something I’ve really missed. So much has changed since I’ve been on here, my husband and I moved Arizona to start IVF as well as dive into this crazy real estate market. I will def blog about my IVF journey in the future.

Well, we had a baby! It took some up’s and downs but our miracle baby made his debut March 23rd 2021. Meet Christian Alexander Ku, we also call him Birdie his nickname. He looked like a little bird when he was born, my mother nicknamed him and it stuck.

We also got involved in both Residential & Commercial Real Estate these past 2 years, it has grown into something as a family we are really proud of  you can check it out here!

My son is now 14 months which is just so crazy how quick it goes. I can honestly say I had no idea how different my life was going to be with a child, I underestimated how hard but also amazing it would be. I had a hard time finding any balance for myself, I was tired and worn out by the time 8pm hit! Now, that my son is a bit older we have a great routine. I’m actually writing this as he is down for his first nap! Yay, finally time to get back to blogging. Thank you for being here

While I do plan on incorporating motherhood into my blog, I also am still the same Christie. I love fashion, style, fitness and Interior Design! That piece will never go away, and I look forward to sharing more and more tips.

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