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July Beauty Favorites

Happy July Dolls! Something about this Summer is just too good, I’m not sure if it’s because of all the new AHHH-mazing beauty products rolling out or maybe the fact that our June Gloom here in OC is OVAAA!

Anyways I’ve been MIA blogging, I really need to write a post on where I’ve been, but for now, let’s talk beauty must-haves. I mean, is it just me or has there been like the best beauty products rolling out this summer? In my July lineup, I share some newbies as well as a few staples that made it into this month’s mix.



1.  NARS Natural Radiant Longwear Foundation

I’m always playing around with different foundations and I really just think this has to be my favorite of all time! I love Flawless Fusion, Armani luminous silk to Maybelline Fit foundation, however, pound for pound I would say Nars Natural Radiant sits highest on my pedestal.

Why I really think this is the best of the best is because it really does hold all day long! It claims to wear for 16 hours and it’s so true. I hate wearing a foundation that looks gorgeous on at first and hours later you catch your beat face in the mirror to be stunned at what you look like. I sooooo know I’m not alone on that, BTW if you bake with this foundation you will have a flawless finish for the entire day!

Nars nailed it with their 33 full coverage shades to match all complexions.  I have 2 shades that I use depending on how tan I am during that month. I use Stromboli which is really beautiful with an olive undertone and Barcelona that is a tad bit darker with a warmer undertone. If you are in the market for a new foundation this is sooooo it!!!!

P.S. If you do purchase from Sephora make sure to keep your receipt as they have changed their return policy!

2. SNOB lipstick by Mac

I actually could probably put this shade in every month favorites because it’s just that good! Although I do have to say it’s most fitting for a summer shade, it’s nude with a hint of pink. This shade is creamy and leaves a satin finish. I love to pair this color with soar lipliner. I know everyone isn’t super hot on lipliners but if you know me you have to know I’m all about it! In fact, I don’t even leave my house without some liner on.


If you have Lightner in your hair you need to get this like yesterday. This product has saved me from pretty much having to chop my entire hair off. Even if you aren’t a blondie and looking to strengthen your hair, Olaplex is your new best friend. This treatment is done once a week, I usually put mine on after I’ve shampooed and conditioned my hair. I towel dry my hair,  brush it out with my wet brush (Which BTW I will only use this brush) and apply my Olaplex from roots to ends really focusing on the ends. The ends are crucial because this is where most breakage happens. I slather in on throw it in a bun, sleep with it and rinse it out in the morning.

4. LUNA by Sunday Riley

At the ripe age of 34 I’ve caved to retinol, like where have I been? My research at times is based on Instagram and YouTube and I stumbled upon this baby, thank GAWD I did because it’s amazing. I personally think this is a great intro into the retinol game. Sunday Riley has blue tansy and chamomile so it’s not so extreme to cause dryness. My fine lines have improved and my skin tone is better than it’s been in years!

5. MASQUE by Joico

Such a great product I use this masque twice a month. I think the great thing about this product is it instantly softens your hair, it also leaves it super shiny. If you love sleek, beautiful hair you will love this product. I personally prefer mega volume and sleek on me isn’t really my thing, however, my hair feels so good after using this. I usually will do this the day before I know that I won’t be going anywhere that I  might want a ton of volume. If you are looking for a quick, healthy fix this masque will totally do the trick.

6. CURLING IRON by Paul Mitchel

Ok, curling irons are all in the size. If you are using the wrong size of curling iron you might not even have a chance of having those Pinterest worthy locks. If you have medium to long hair I would highly suggest a 1.5 barrel to create those beautiful beach curls that are so on trend pretty much EVERY Summer. I actually don’t see that look shifting anytime soon. I have a 1.25 and that small change does not give me the look of beach waves, it holds a much tighter look. If your hair doesn’t hold a curl as well 1.25 could possibly be for you.

I have a few hot tools and I made the switch with this Paul Mitchell barrel and I’m so happy I did. What I love about it is it doesn’t have a kickstand on it so you don’t get wrapped into your hair. When I’m doing my hair in between sections I put it in my sink, without the stand it will DEF burn your countertop!

7. SERUM by Drunk Elephant

OK, first and foremost where have I been and why have I not been using this product. I’m seriously in love. I’ve been using this for about the past month and my skin has never looked better. This baby is a gamechanger, it’s glycolic acid so I would highly recommend using it at night. I use mine about 3-4 times per week alternating between Sunday Riley’s Luna that I listed above. It’s really important that you don’t mix retinol and glycolic on the same night, or at least that’s what GOOGLE has told me, lol! I’ve been sticking with that method. This is just really one of those products I feel like everyone needs in their skincare routine!


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