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Lash Food has been a lifesaver for both my lashes and brows. I’ve spent many years abusing my brows with tweezers not to mention those days when thin brows were a thing if you were a No Doubt listener, you were probably right there with me. Yes, I totally looked up to Gwen Stefani, well I still do minus the 90’s thin brows. I hope to GAWD that look doesn’t come back. It has been work to put these brows back together. Keep reading this post if you want to find out about the miracle product that works for hair growth!

Lash Food seriously has transformed my brows you have to be consistent with it; the great thing is the application is super easy. Years ago I used Latisse, and I did love it. However, the process was kind of annoying I had to squeeze the bottle and use a separate application to apply to my brows and lashes. I know that might sound incredibly lazy, but it’s true! I eventually quit Latisse because of the application; I must say Lash Food was and is the solution. It’s as easy as a mascara application one swipe and I’m done in seconds.


I didn’t notice a change until about 2 weeks into using the product, and then BAM all of the sudden my lashes and brows were getting new hair growth. I was amazed by the results, specifically for the brows. I was starting to get the brows that I once had many many years ago back!

A little background on the actual product, it’s dermatologist tested, vegan as well as cruelty and irritation free. Lash Food was developed by cosmetic scientists, and I can say this product works wonders!  I was excited to share with you this MIRACLE product!

Here’s to beautiful thick eyelashes and brows going into 2018! Happy Holidays




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