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Let’s Talk Dirty

Let's Talk Dirty

I love makeup, especially bronzers. A few months ago I was breaking out like crazy. I thought it was because of all of my recent new beauty purchases. I headed into Sephora to return my products, well maybe not return; exchange might be the term. I can’t seem to leave Sephora empty handed. Maybe it’s their little black and white bags that get me, or racking up my Sephora points. Regardless I’m a beauty addict.

While wandering the aisles, I found the most magical product that not only solved my breakouts but allowed me to keep my beautiful new bronzers.  The answer was the Blender Cleanser Solid.  I don’t enjoy washing my brushes. To be honest, I don’t even think makeup artists love to clean their brushes. It’s like taking down the Christmas tree! In fact, according to the Derm Institute, 72% of us DON’T wash our brushes! Ewww I was once this statistic.


First, let me talk dirty to you and tell why you need this product. Makeup brushes collect bacteria from your skin, dirt and even the room temperature can contribute to bacteria growth. If you are using your brushes every day for one week and not cleaning them, you might have some serious bacteria growth going on. Every week that goes by, the bacteria growth could be doubling. So if  you have read this far, chances are you might have been struggling with the same situation that I had. If you are breaking out it might not be the actual product, it could be the applicator you are using.

The Blender Cleanser Solid is the solution. It’s quick and efficient. This product gently cleanses your brushes and as a bonus, it has a soap dish for storing excessive gunk. It’s formulated with glycerin to remove bacteria thoroughly. I have a ton of makeup brushes, and it takes me less than 5 minutes to clean them all. Here are the steps I take once a week!

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1. Clean each brush with warm water while swiveling brush with the Solid Blender Cleaner.

2. Place clean brushes on clean towel.

3. Blow Dry brushes on medium heat for 30 seconds.

4. Air dry for 24 hours.   

Here’s to gorgeous skin and clean brushes!



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  1. Coco says:

    Very cool post.I am actually also busy with a post on cleaning your make up brushes 😉

  2. Well, whaddaya know. I ve been squatting. I just did it the dirty way and can feel the burn in my glutes and abs. ?? Thanks to Marianne Kane for the awesome link!

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