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7 actionable steps to making your dreams a reality

A dream is simply a dream without an actionable plan attached to it. I’ve been a dreamer since as long as I can remember, our parents taught us this very thing growing up. It’s like the old saying you can be anything you want to be in this life IF you set your mind to it. BINGO, it’s that simple, everything you have always dreamed about can and will come to fruition if you allow it.


STEP 1 // Have a Game Plan

Ok, so a game plan is always a good idea!  Consider this a map for your dreams; I like to use a personal calendar as my game plan. The quicker you can get organized with your game plan, the more clarity you will have as to how to get there. You wouldn’t just hop into your car and assume you were going to end up to an unknown new destination without a map, well at least in 2017! I still don’t know how I use to get around without google maps in my teens.

STEP 2 // Dream Big

If you are going to dream, you might as well make it big, like really BIG! It might sound far-fetched, unattainable maybe even silly to actual think it. You know, if your dreams don’t scare you a little bit they aren’t big enough. You might be thinking OMG how am I going to make these dreams a reality, read further I’ll explain.

BTW  once you have your BIG DREAM in your mind, jot it down on a piece of paper, hang it somewhere you can see it EVERY DAMN DAY!

Set an attainable date as well!



Step 3 // Break it Down into Chunks

If you dreamed big, a sense of doubt might have crept in, like how the hell am I going to reach this big dream??? Try breaking it down into chunks with bullet points underneath; I use this method with almost everything I do, including this post. I write the topic above and break it down into small chunks; it makes it much more attainable. Small chunks of your BIG dream will get you there before you know it. This takes out the anxiety of your future dream and makes it much more attainable.

It’s the small things you do every day that lead you in the direction that you want to go! Remember that BIG DREAM you wrote down, start plugging that into your calendar. This will complete your game plan. Now it’s time…




Step 4 // Implement! Implement! Implement!

You know those people who always have a great idea, and they never put any action to it? Clearly, this is not you because my guess is you wouldn’t be reading this post if it was.


You are quite opposite, your DREAMS are going to be your reality, start implementing today! The easiest way to go about it, review your game plan, start with your first chunk. Once you have completed one chunk, move onto the next! Before you know it your reality of the dreams you have for yourself will be knocking on your doorstep.



Step 5 // Forever Learning

Isn’t the power of learning so high, we can be forever learners. This is so important because maybe there is someone out there that is fulfilling their dream and you can learn from them. Read books, study your field, perfect your dream.

If you have hit a road block which usually happens, try taking a break learning a few new things and strategies to get you one step closer.



Step 6 // Fail Forward

The truth is, you only are a failure if you give up on your dream. It’s ok to fail forward get off your feet, wipe those tears away, adjust your ponytail and keep it moving.

If I had a dollar for every time I screwed up I would be a MILLIONAIRE, wait jk a BILLIONAIRE. I’ve had moments where I wanted to give up and thought I wasn’t good enough and wanted to throw in the towel. I didn’t; I went back to that piece of paper and my game plan. I mean HONEY you didn’t get this far to quit, fail forward and keep going!




Step 7 // Believe in Yourself

Lastly, stay true to yourself and what you know you are capable of in this life. There will be people who tell you that you can’t do it, the truth is maybe they are scared. Changes make people nervous, where will that leave them? Believe in yourself and trust that the universe is working for you and not against you. I truly believe we all have a purpose here in this life and if you only have one, you better make it worthwhile.


Photographer : McKenzie Smith




My dream for you is that you follow your dreams. Don’t ever give up on what you want out of life. I would love to hear some of your dreams, please comment below.


  1. Jasmine says:

    Great picks! Can’t wait to read more

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    This outfit is one of my favorites you have ever posted! Absolutely perfect on you

  3. Elizabeth D says:

    These are all so interesting! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Vanesa says:

    These are all great tips, Christie. Thanks for being inspiring and motivational. You look amazing !!!

  5. Chelsea says:

    You may just be the casual outfitting queen :)

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