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Meet Mr Right? 5 Steps to move you in the right direction

Does Mr. Right exist?? Have you ever asked yourself that question before? I used to say these very same words until I decided to change my mind frame. You know the saying, “if you think you can, you’re right?” I believe it all starts with your mind frame and the language you use. Instead of questioning it, believe it will happen. Repeat after me “I will find Mr. Right!” Now it’s out in the universe.

I know the dating game can be frustrating, I’ve been there too. In fact, sometimes you have got to kiss a few frogs until you meet your prince. EEKKK! Here are a few things you can start incorporating right now to move you in the direction of what you truly deserve.

Find Common Interests

This is crucial because to find the one; you need to ask yourself do we have common interests? What if I met someone and he is soo dreamy, but we have NOTHING in common – could it work? This is a toughie question because it forces you to look beyond the Ohhhh Laaaa Laaa, even if it’s Channing Tatum.That hurt to type that last sentence, but it does matter!

Here is a new app that I think is fabulous called Single Fit, you can download it directly to your iPhone or Fitbit.  The app allows you to customize your interests and also provides fun fitness classes such as yoga, pilates, surfing, etc. to meet new people. To find out more go to today.

Single Fit 2


Put on some Lipstick

If you are about to leave the house, and you’re a hot mess, do yourself a favor. Take a few minutes to put yourself together, brush your hair, put on some lipstick and most of all smile. You could meet the man of your dreams at the local grocery store and is that the first impression you want to give? Hi, I’m so and so please disregard my knotted hair and unplucked brows. I know that sounded harsh, but there is some truth to it.

For Instance, have you ever put yourself together and felt more in control and better about yourself? Almost as if you had this crazy confidence once you stepped outside of your house? People also take notice of this, and it doesn’t mean you are vain, it just means I care enough about myself to take pride in the way the way that I am and the way that I look. It doesn’t have to be so extreme that you are getting red carpet ready at all times; it’s as simple as throwing on your favorite lipstick. Confidence is sexy, and if you feel good about yourself, it will show like light beams on you.


Ditch Netflix

When I first moved to California, I didn’t know anyone and, to be honest, Netflix, and I was pretty much dating on the weekends. Maybe you can relate? If you find yourself in a routine and a rut the easiest way to break this is start getting involved in some activities that you love. A great start is to download Single Fit or call a girlfriend to be a wing woman.

If you are a moviegoer, try switching up by going out to the movies. You never know who you could meet in the concession line.

Sip not Drink

Thank goodness for sisterhood. I had a girlfriend who told me this years ago, and it stuck with me. I was always very mindful of this saying. It’s always so fun meeting new people, but it’s also nerve-racking at the same time. Have you ever found yourself nervous, so you have one drink to relax and then maybe you will have two, and by the third drink you are professionally dancer and nerves aren’t even as issue? While this might sound like a great plan at the moment, the aftermath will not be so fun. Chances are you probably won’t land Mr. Right, and you will have a massive headache instead. With that being said, take it easy on the cocktails when meeting potential ones. P.S. the calories also can add up, opt for water as your mixer. This will keep you hydrated throughout the night.

Dance all night


This might sound so simple, but is extremely valuable when meeting your future beau. It can be a mood changer when you walk into a room as well as make you more approachable. A smile is not only warm but inviting. When you first meet someone you judge them within 3 to 7 seconds, make that first impression count.Show off those pearly whites; you won’t regret it!

Here is to finding Mr. Right! I would love some feedback below. Did you find this blog helpful? Thanks for stopping by Glutes and Gloss.




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