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My top 5 Activewear Brands

Living in So Cal, chic activewear is a MUST! Everyone is always running around with a green juice in hand, post-yoga, paired with MUST have leggings. Well, I don’t actually do any yoga, however, I do have the 411 on activewear. Does anyone even say 411 anymore? Lol, well whatever I’m into it!

I wear activewear at least 3 times a week, even if I’m not working out. I honestly feel like leggings are the new jeans at times – at least here in California. I’m crazy picky about my outfits matching and to be honest you never know who you are going to meet when you leave the house, like the last thing you want to do is look like a total hot mess and bump into someone you know! Can you imagine meeting  Mr. Right with some old leggings and an oversized t-shirt??? No! Luckily, activewear has totally stepped up the game and I’m always on the hunt for what’s new!


Bravo, Bravo Nike! I took a quick hiatus from Nike, I felt like they needed a revamp. I was having a small love affair with Adidas, well Adidas and I still kinda hang out and I’ve listed them in my top 5. Anyways, back to Nike, I put them at the very top because their activewear is soooo good right now.

Nike is really into block colors and I’m here for it! I just found this super cute outfit when I was at the mall. Yes! I’m all about a good mall, online shopping is great, but there is nothing quite like getting a few steps in while doing some shopping! Seriously though, Nike is nailing it this year. P.S. The guys’ line in Nike is AHHH-mazing too. I already stole a windbreaker from the hubby. The moment he put it on, my first thought is that’s perfect for me! Hello…Selfish Christie! Ha!

Here are some other looks I’m loving!

Alo Yoga

Loving this line, you def don’t have to be a yogi to rock this line. I love their motto leggings, they are so cute and add an extra UMFFF to the standard leggings. You can find them here, I have them in white and you know how white can be if you get them dirty, well not with these leggings and  I tend to get makeup on pretty much everything I’m wearing. I throw them in the wash and they look brand new!


I’ve always been a fan of Kate Hudson, so I thought I might as well try  Fabletics. To be honest it took me going to the actual store of Fabletics here in OC to see what all the hype was about.  The marketing online is gorgeous, but I wasn’t sure if I  wanted to be on any sort of subscription hitting my bank account. I walked in and tried on a few pieces and I loved the way everything fit. I love mesh for activewear and found this one which I love and wear often. Here is the link to the matching leggings  I still need to get.


I love Koral Activewear this line is a bit more pricey but totally worth it and it looks EXPENSIVE. They have a ton of metallic pieces and I love that their pieces look modern and updated to the latest trends. I’m never one to follow many trends, however, if it looks polished and put together that’s a different story. Koral definitely keeps it FRESSHHHHH! Here are some pieces I’m loving!


I love Adidas, their shoes are EVERYTHING! So comfy and chic. I do like some of their classic pieces for activewear. What I love about Adidas is they have been around for so long, they completely came back full circle a couple of years ago. I thought I would never wear any other athletic shoes, but Nike and now I mix and match them. I can’t help but love Adidas clean lines and  I feel like I’m walking on clouds when I’m wearing their shoes. I mean, I  haven’t ever walked on clouds per say, butttt if I did, I think it would be a similar feel! I even have the hubby sporting them!

Here’s an oldie pic of us in matching Adidas shoes! lol

I hope you find the perfect activewear for 2019! I def think you would be happy with any of these top picks! What’re some of your fav brands? Always looking to expand!

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