I love this charcoal nose mask, and it’s super easy and works! Our nose sometimes needs more than just an everyday wash; I find this is where that unwanted build up in your pores like to hang out, or at least in my case. Pores tend to expand and get larger as we age, due […]

I  always find it hard to shop for a guy during the holidays; I find it easier to shop for women! I love to do a little Sephora shopping for my girlfriends. The power of the internet is just too good, and the great thing is you can do all of your guys shopping in […]

Why Pores? You know those annoying small holes on your skin that can sometimes make it impossible to have a flawless makeup application, ya those are pores. I find mine quite annoying at times. However, they are essential to keeping our skin moisturized. Pores get bigger as we age as well, due to debris and […]

With the cooler weather approaching during the holidays, it can be hard to stay focused on your fitness goals, let alone feel chic in your fitness apparel. Luckily lululemon has you covered with their AHHHmazing athletic apparel that will not only make you want to complete your sweat session; you might end up staying in them […]

Love a great smoothie, and for the cooler seasons, this apple cinnamon smoothie takes the cake. Not only is it packed with nutrition its low in calories and takes about 5 minutes to put together. You know I think it’s hilarious because I’ve been in the fitness realm for so long, that women assume I love […]

Cyber Monday is officially here, let the shopping begin and what better way than to do it all online at home in sweats! I love to make a day out of it, stock up on beauty products I love and finish all of my shopping for Christmas before December even hits! I have rounded up […]

Sweater weather YASSSSS! I love the transition into Winter from Fall, and a great sweater is always a staple in my closet. I’ve rounded up 7 sweaters under $50 from some of my favorite online retailers. Isn’t online shopping the best thing? It’s like a present that shows up on your doorstep. The great things […]

There are so many things to celebrate as we age, wisdom, financial stability and more. However, fine lines, pores, and the loss of collagen are not some of them.  Here are 9 Items that you need to get on board with if you are ready to rotate the youthful clock in the other direction.   1. […]

No, but seriously when did November arrive? I mean Christmas is right around the corner, sometimes I wish life would just slow down. Well, you can’t beat father time, but you can have some kick ass beauty products that help fight the process. I’m a beauty addict like a BIG ONE! I  will put anything […]

Nikes have been a staple in my life for as long as I can remember. I remember when I was a little girl, and my mother bought me my first pair, I thought I had died and gone to heaven. Ha! I feel this way every time I purchase a new pair to this day. […]

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