It’s finally starting to feel like Fall here in Orange County, time to break out those favorite boots. I have a tendency to dress preppy when I’m dressing up a pair of leggings. I love 2016 Fall trends, and one of my favs is adding layers. It can take a basic button up blouse and spice […]

I admit it when October comes around; I pack my house with candles, pumpkins, and the occasional pumpkin spiced latte #PSL, yes I’m basic. Although I love the holidays, I associate it with heavy carbs and extra unwanted weight gain. Well, that’s not always the case and here is a smoothie recipe you need to add […]

I tend to spend hours in Barnes and Noble sipping on a Starbucks and getting lost in the self-help section and the occasional magazine area. I mean HELLO who doesn’t love Glamour magazine! I feel very blessed to be a woman in this day and age, more and more women are dominating in social media, […]

October YASSSS honey! I love the transition from coral polish, sandy toes and bathing suits: to darker hues, vampy lips, and scarfs. Fall beauty and fashion is a way to reinvent yourself. Here are a few of my fav’s going into October. BTW the Cover FX drops are gorgeous mixed with your foundation. Who says […]

Are you tired of the same basic ponytail for the gym? Here is a step by step texturing ponytail with an added twist. This look took under 10 minutes, and I’m going to walk you through the process to create the same look. To start your texturizing ponytail, brush all of your hair towards the […]

I love the idea of pairing a blazer with faded jeans. I always play up an outfit on those days where a messy bun seems to be the hair situation. When all else fails on those bad hair days, messy buns are a must! This tailored white button up blouse is currently my new fav because the back […]

A new season screams new lipstick shades and a fragrance switch up. It’s time to say goodbye to Summer hello to Fall.  There is something about Fall; that is so sexy, black booties, skinny jeans, and gorgeous scarfs. Here are a few trending fragrances going into Fall. Have you ever wondered what your scent says […]

Ok, it’s official- I’m OBSESSED with maca! If you have never heard of maca or aren’t getting your daily dose, you are missing out on some serious health benefits! Here are 7 amazing benefits of maca root for women that I can personally attest to: Energy If your morning coffee simply isn’t cutting it these days, […]

Where did July go? I can’t believe that it’s August and Fall is right around the corner. I’m somewhat of a beauty connoisseur slash addict. Here are a few of my must haves, currently, that I swear by! Beauty products don’t always have to come with an expensive price tag and a few of these […]

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