Does Mr. Right exist?? Have you ever asked yourself that question before? I used to say these very same words until I decided to change my mind frame. You know the saying, “if you think you can, you’re right?” I believe it all starts with your mind frame and the language you use. Instead of […]

Sometimes you may need to upload a lot of pictures on a blog post. It might result in a long loading page and readers might need to scroll along the way. But if you’d love to keep your blog post short and sweet, yet able to show lots of images, this can be a solution […]

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  I know many women have started their 2016 fitness goals. You see the end goal in mind, you are determined, but have you started preparation to stay on track? These 5 items are a MUST for the gym!  1. Extra Sneaks Have you ever driven by the gym on your way home from work […]

  You don’t always need to have a perfect blowout to look super chic. In fact, pairing a chunky scarf with a sleek top knot is gorgeous on the eyes. Because our hair sometimes has a mind of its own, a quick and easy top knot can “tame the mane”! Not only that, it can […]

I love makeup, especially bronzers. A few months ago I was breaking out like crazy. I thought it was because of all of my recent new beauty purchases. I headed into Sephora to return my products, well maybe not return; exchange might be the term. I can’t seem to leave Sephora empty handed. Maybe it’s […]

Something about adding Fall items into my wardrobe get’s me soo excited!  I love combining different hues of grey and pairing it with black accessories. Here in Southern California temperatures are hotter than usual, but going with the seasons is so necessary. Here is an outfit I threw together that it not only chic and […]

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