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Red, White and Berry Parfait

I must admit I don’t love to spend hours in the kitchen. However, I love to entertain and have beautiful presentations as if I’ve slayed in the kitchen all day. For Summer especially 4th of July berries are always a hit.

This recipe tastes amazing takes less than 10 minutes, and by adding it into a chic glass of some sort, you are going to impress! I prefer red wine glasses they are the perfect portion for parfaits and pull the entire look together.


What you will need:

Love Crunch Granola

Low Fat Greek Yogurt

1 carton Blueberries or Blackberries

1 carton Raspberries

1 carton Strawberries

1 Lemon

*4-5 servings


This is a no brainer but I’ve done it before, ALWAYS make sure to rinse your berries and pat dry. Separate the fruit into their own category and cut the lemon in half. I use vanilla greek yogurt and add lemon for flavor. Lemons have 0 calories and makes this dessert unique from other dishes. You can, of course, buy vanilla/lemon flavored yogurt but why waste those calories.

No thank you, I will use those calories for champagne!

I only use half of the lemon and squeeze it into my greek yogurt. It’s a preference if you love Tarte do the entire lemon. Although half really does create just the right amount. I use the other half for the garbage disposal while cleaning up.



Layers on Layers!

I always pack the granola to the bottom of the glass, followed by blueberries, yogurt, raspberries and repeat the process. Finish with blueberries at the top, they are the lightest of the berries and the added strawberry on the edge of your glass will contrast well together.

* I use 3 spoonfuls of Greek yogurt between each layer.

Cut the strawberry down the middle and spruce up the greens to make the final presentation pop!




Viola! You have a complete semi-healthy recipe for this 4th of July. P.S. I made these while wearing 4.5-inch heels that’s how easy this recipe is!

Wishing you a very Happy Fourth of July to you and your family!

Photographer Tim Chaplin

  1. Asakemi says:

    That looks soooooooo delicious!
    I have to try it!
    I love your blog.

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