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Summer Look for under $100

Sumer Chic

Sometimes, finding the perfect white t and jeans is almost as difficult as finding that little black dress. Not only that fashion can get expensive, but I’m here to tell you that you don’t have to spend a fortune to keep up with new trends.

First, I will tell you in my personal opinion there are a few things that you should pay the extra buck for: Purses, Foundation and a Great Hairstylist. Believe me, I have tried to go a cheaper route and ended up with grey hair. True story! Let’s save that for another blog.

Thanks to the fashion gods for companies such as Forever 21, H&M and Zara. Fashion goes in and out of style, so why spend a fortune on it? Unless, they are staple items.

This is a great look that is affordable, chic and simple. You can wear this in the day or night. I suggest for the night, giving it a little WOW factor by adding a bold lipstick or play it up with some accessories. Not too much accessories, you don’t want to be walking around looking like “Two Chains”. Although, I love some Hip Hop! Ok, back to chic summer looks!

Here’s the total look.


#OOTD Top to Bottom

Hat $15

White T $4

Belt $7

Skinny Jeans $20

Heels $35

Total $81 

With that extra cash you can always add some fresh flowers!  That’s what I would do!

Yorkie not included! My Boo Thang!



  1. Kelly Maxey says:

    Awwww love this!!! So proud of you!

  2. Thanks again for the article.Really looking forward to read more. Keep writing.

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