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Summer Glossin

I’m always on the hunt for the latest lipsticks and lip glosses, in fact, rarely will I leave my house without some type of gloss on. I really do believe if you look good, you feel good. A little effort goes a long way!

This Summer in OC has been so strange, we have had clouds and it isn’t our usually 72 degrees and Sunny here! I know, first world problems for the Californians! Well, regardless of the cooler temps I love to play up my makeup based upon the weather, as a seasoned vet of Sephora and Ulta, I have found the skinny on THEY best glosses for Summa! So let’s get into it!


Buxom has always had great glosses, but there is one collection of theirs that screams SUMMER GLAM! I got one of the glosses at Ulta right when it came out and sadly, they took it out of their stores but you can still find it here + get 15% off! I have the lavender cosmo & about 10 tubes of White Russian! The colors are too gorgeous and honestly, they need to bring it back to Ulta! Here is a pic of the entire line up! I know the image is a bit small, but it was a MUST for you to see this line up!

Marc Jacobs

I love the variety of colors Marc Jacobs has, but two colors particularly are so good for the warmer weather. These glosses are ultra shine, which is usually not my thing, I actually almost took them back when I bought them. Right before heading to Sephora to return, I blotted my lips and the color was perfect, just enough shiny but gave it a gorg creaminess that I tend to gravitate to. Don’t get me wrong if high shine is your thing, you will love this! I’ve seen plenty of women who can rock it, but for me, it’s a little too much! It might be my big lips lol! Anyways regardless, Marc Jacobs does not disappoint with these glosses!

The color Rio is the bomb, it screams tan skin and a tropical vacay! I love a good pink and 1 blot and it’s sooo pretty, you can find it here. I also love a good coral, I pair this one on top of a pink/nude lipstick. Here are a few other ones, I have yet to try but they are WOWZAS!

Pat Mcgrath Labs

This has been the only gloss I’ve ever tried on that I felt didn’t need anything to it, and for me not to wear lipliner this is huge! I find that a liner and lipstick added to it, takes away how beautiful this gloss is all by itself. While its light nude, it has specs of coral and pink. I mean it doesn’t get any more, in season than this gloss “Dare to Bare” the name speaks for itself! You can find it here in Sephora!

Charlotte Tilbury

I wasn’t sure if I should put this in this post, not because I absolutely love them, more so because it’s technically not a gloss! However, I decided to add them because they have been on rotation this summer. I have Dolly Bird and Platinum Blonde, they are described as a matte lippie, but honestly, the creaminess of them and the application are more like a cream gloss to me! I stack these two together and they look like a beautiful combo of peach and soft pink together!

A little Gloss goes a long way, what’s some of your fav’s for Summer?

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