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Travel Chic Essentials


I’ve always been a wanderer, so traveling essentials has always been a biggie for me. I want to look put together when I’m out in public. I almost view it as an appreciation to the world that effort was put into how I want to show up in this life.  Although, I must say when it comes to traveling comfort is KEY! The great thing about traveling essentials there are ways to look chic and put together even if you are in a basic t, flats and a skinny jean.

1.  Silk Sleep Mask

I mean doesn’t a sleeping mask scream Audrey Hepburn and who doesn’t want to hop off a plane looking refreshed. When you think silk, don’t you picture luxurious? Not only that a sleeping mask can block out the sun and make you look completely refreshed when stepping off a plane.

2. Tatcha Dewy Skin Mist

I love Tatcha products especially their Dewy Skin Mist. I mean who wants to look dried up like a prune while traveling def not me. What I really love about this product specifically is that it’s available in travel size, PURRR-fect for your future chic makeup bag. Keep reading I talk all about makeup bags for travel below. Once the wheels hit the ground spritz the skin mist on your face, neck and hands. You will look fresh as a daisy stepping off that plane. Now that’s CHIC!

3.  Louis Vuitton Passport Cover

I’m a huge LV fan and there is nothing that screams chic when traveling with a passport cover, especially a Monogram Louis Vuitton.  If LV is a bit of your price range here are some other chic options for Passport Covers Here and Here. Passport cover changes the entire look when traveling so this tip is a biggie for me that of course, I wanted to share with you.

4. Makeup Bag

Ok, this is obviously an essential when traveling but why not purchase a makeup bag that has some chicness to it. ANYONE can find a makeup bag that looks put together. I have a small makeup bag with me at all times when traveling, I put a few essentials such as a gloss, concealer and my Tatcha Dewy Skin Mist I mentioned above. A few options for totally chic makeup bags Here and Here.

5. Wipes

There is NOTHING sexy or chic about getting sick during travel. Wipes are a huge necessity when traveling. H&M has some of the cutest wipes and who doesn’t love leopard print! Actually, I guess leopard print isn’t for everyone, they have different colors! Pairing wipes with the next tip will totally prevent you from catching anything.

6.  Neosporin

Ok, maybe not the chicest item although I had to put it on the list because adding this item to your travel chic checklist will seriously save your entire trip! I was reading A to Zoe by Rachel Zoe and she had great advice, the biggest one is putting Neosporin inside the corner of your nostrils when you fly to block any germs from entering.

7.  Perfume Atomizer

Ughhhh I’m just so addicted to smells, I’m actually probably a little too over the top. I keep perfume atomizers in purses, gym bag, my car you name it I always have them around. Perfume Atomizer for travel is a must as well, there is nothing that screams SEXY/CHIC then to smell fab, I mean who wants to hop off the plane smelling like the plane. Ummm No!

The great thing about this atomizer is you can refill it holds up to 65  sprays and it’s travel-friendly.

8.  Barefoot Blanket

Holy Chic this blanket it EVERYTHING! It’s so soft and not to mention a total eyecatcher. It’s so easy to carry with you onto the plane or to throw it into a travel tote. It also comes in a lighter color beige which is also super cute.

9.  Earphones  

I live for a good pair of earphones to listen to music and podcasts when traveling. I love that they are so small and they come in different colors, I personally think the over the ear traveling screams look at me and my earphones. This is just my personal opinion and YES I do have over the ear headphones however I keep them for the gym! These headphones come in rose gold and I’ve also listed 2 other items to match your entire rose gold collection.

10. Cable 

Ok, so if you see the image above you will see how cute this cable is! My phone is rose gold so I  love that my cable now matches it, this company has a ton of colors!

11. Travel USB Charger

I always keep a USB charger because I tend to always run on a low battery. The story of my life! Can you relate? If you have a car rental or you pop into an Uber you can charge your phone quick. Obv you are totally chic because the USB charger matches your cable and hopefully your phone!





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