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Doing the same workout day in day out can get old quick.  Spring is the perfect time to take your exercise outside. There is nothing better than giving your body what it needs, paired with some much-needed vitamin D. Here are a few workouts that are quick easy and does a body good.


Before you start your exercise you need to stretch, this is BEYOND important I see way too many women skimp on stretching, you don’t want to be that person with a pulled muscle. Trust me! Yes, I’ve learned from my mistakes in the past. Stretching will allow your muscles to get warrmed up before performing any exercises.





I have such a love/hate relationship with sprints. I tend to always choose weights over cardio. However, I know the benefits of doing cardio, so I make it a priority.

I make time for cardio not because I always love to do it, but because I  care about my health!

If you are reading this and you can totally relate to not loving cardio, well, let me just say sprints are your new BFF. Sprints are quick and shed those unwanted pounds. You don’t have to be an athlete to do sprints, and it’s a great way to challenge yourself. Start with a light jog, to where you want your stopping point to be, I suggest anywhere from 40-60 yards. Jogging is an excellent way to warm up your heart rate before performing sprints. Once you have found that sweet spot jog back to your original starting point. I usually place my keys and water bottle here for reference.

Sprints are a fun game to challenge yourself! The important thing is to go all out, once you have hit your ending, jog back to your start point. Try doing this five times and hydrate right after. What’s fun about these is your tolerance will build, and you can add sprint intervals each time. It becomes challenging and somewhat like a game.



Don’t forget to stay hydrated before, during and after your workout! I take my BKR water bottle with me everywhere; I will also link it below. I’m super clumsy and have a tendency to drop things, this water bottle will never break, and your water will always stay cool.



You can do this exercise anywhere and everywhere. This is actually a great exercise to do indoors and outdoors. These movements tone the back of your arms where most women carry unwanted fat. I refer to these as bat wings that are completely unnecessary.

Start by placing your hands shoulder-width apart and slowly off a bench or something secure. If you are doing indoors, a bed or chair is an awesome option. Keep your back close to the secure option and hold your core nice and tight.


Slowly lower your body to the ground and bend your arms, you should be feeling tension on your triceps slash your bat wings. Once you have reached the bottom by barely tapping your booty to the ground, use your arms to lift yourself back up to the original starting point.


If you want an additional challenge to the tricep dips trying alternating your legs with a lift.



I mean I have never met a woman who has said they don’t want a good booty. I’ve done this movement a million times, and I always go back to it and it WORKS! Gravity eventually wants to come down and so do your glutes, if you want to bring it back up and make it perky do these. Note- you have to continuously do these to make it last. I suggest doing 20 each side for three sets. What this means is you will finish out by totaling 60 straight leg lifts on each side to finish, and the great thing is you are done under five minutes! Your BOOTY will thank you for this exercise.

Start on all fours like a sex kitten, raise one leg and keep your toe pointed outward. Slowly kick to the sky and make sure to keep your core engaged and your back flat and return to your original starting point.




Don’t forget to follow your post workout with protein to feed your muscles. I hope you found this quick workout effective and something you can incorporate into your routine.

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  1. D. Jennifer says:

    I didn’t have time for the gym today. This post is perfect now . thanks

  2. Donna says:

    Love ALL your posts, recipes and encouragement!

  3. Shawnda O. says:

    Really like the workout you’ve outlined…I’m going to start this next week.

  4. Aria Fairman says:

    This website is beautiful! I’ll be following you!

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