Hi Gorg! Who’s ready to SHOP for Black Friday? I live for a good steal and you better believe I have my list ready to go! I not only get all of my Christmas presents for family and friends I make sure to stock up on all the things I want for myself! There I […]

  I’ve always been a wanderer, so traveling essentials has always been a biggie for me. I want to look put together when I’m out in public. I almost view it as an appreciation to the world that effort was put into how I want to show up in this life.  Although, I must say […]

Hi Doll! Cyber Monday is finally here, I’ve put together my top sales going on right now, and they are sooooo good! Scroll below to see all promo codes!   BANANA REPUBLIC / 50% OFF SITEWIDE No Code Necessary Banana Republic always has some staple classics to add to your wardrobe. I’m loving their trench […]

1.Trench Coat As I was putting together my top 7 gifts for him, I was in search for a trench coat. I found this one from Banana Republic and I must say this is my favorite gift of the list. Doesn’t this scream sophistication for your boyfriend or hubby?! P.S. I just saw this was […]

There is so much pressure being a woman; men have no idea! Today I wanted to discuss a topic I think many of us beat ourselves up over and that is FLAWS! If you want to embrace or improve on one of your flaws or maybe more, this exercise has helped me, and I believe […]

Fall starts September 22nd can you believe it? I’ve been waiting for all of that BASIC-ness to come around, bring on the pumpkin lattes and ugg boots. I’ve been waiting for all of that BASIC-ness to come around, bring on the pumpkin lattes and ugg boots. If you need some style inspiration going into next […]

Do you ever feel like you are all over the place? Lack complete Focus? Have a million different ideas running throughout your mind and by the end of the day, you got absolutely NOTHING accomplished. You are so not alone, and I’ve been there. In fact, I would still be there if I didn’t implement these […]

Can you believe we are already into March? It’s time to switch up your daily wardrobe for warmer weather. I spent most of this past weekend putting sweaters, heavy scarfs and fur jackets towards the back of my closet, although it was tough putting away my boots with thaaaa fur. What I do love about […]

A dream is simply a dream without an actionable plan attached to it. I’ve been a dreamer since as long as I can remember, our parents taught us this very thing growing up. It’s like the old saying you can be anything you want to be in this life IF you set your mind to […]

As women, we can be hard on ourselves in today’s world. There is an extreme amount of pressure to be more, want more and do more and although I love social media, it can sometimes enhance the pressure of it all. Does it ever leave you feeling not as confident about who you are? Well.. confidence […]

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